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July 26 2014 - Bodegraven Doortocht

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Roy Schravendijk aka DJ Aeson, born in The Hague in 1988, is a young Hardstyle artist with a raw but also melodical style. From his hardcore roots he developped a style of his own, which forms a foundation for his hardstyle sound.

Already at the age of 10, Aeson developed a passion for the harder dance music with a strong and full bass. From his teenage years on, Aeson started experimenting more and more with sampling and mixing of tracks. His first gigs started in a local clubs, playing tracks from dance to hip-hop to techno and to harder styles. But quickly he noticed that his passion was in playing  the harder dance styles.

Aeson started performing at hardcore parties with other great artists like Ruffneck, Lunatic, Miss Hysteria, Skullz and many more. In the last couple of years Aeson has been performing in several clubs and some minor harder style events (Xtorsion, Kingsday Maniacs, Hardstyle Unlimited). He has already proved to be an innovative Hardstyle artist by creating some magnificent mixes. At this moment he is focussing more on producing and creating his own sound.

Aeson is available for all minor and major event performances, book this artist for your party now!


DJ Aeson - Hardstyle / Hardcore

He is known for his raw but also melodic style. In the next couple of months he will be attending several events. Stay tuned via the Social Media accounts.

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